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Name: Maggie Chuang
Hometown: Burnaby, BC. Canada
Right now: Kagoshima, Japan
Education: Simon Fraser University

[Brent Spiner]: My family and I went to London in New years, and we were eating at a restaurant with Patrick (Stewart) called The Ivy, which is an amazing place. It is a threatre restaurant. People have been going there since Noel Coward and Olivier. And we saw Benedict Cumberbatch across the room!

*pause for audience cheer*

[Matt Mira]: Oh, that’ll get a room going.

[Chris Hardwick]: Such an amazing actor

[Jonah Hill]: *at a girl’s reaction to Benedict’s name* Your face is amazing!

[Matt]: She just Cumberbatched!

[Brent]: That is undoubtedly the biggest reaction I got so far today.

[Brent] So, we saw BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH across the room. He was sitting with Eddie Redmayne. I don’t know if you know Eddie. Anyway, Benedict saw Patrick and myself and he came over to the table and said,
“I have to talk to you.”
And Patrick said, “All right…call me.”
He said, “No no, I have to talk to you NOW.”
Patrick said, “What is it?”
“I’ve just agreed to do the new Star Trek movie.”
“No, really?”
Then he said “Well, is it going to damage my career?”
I said, “Let me tell you something, Benedict. You’ll never work again after this.”

A bubble and squeak came out of his mouth and I don’t know what that is. But they serve it at the Ivy.

—   Brent Spiner’s Benedict Cumberbatch story told on Nerdist Podcast 212. 


  • 30 May 2012
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